Annie Gorton Harding

applying Tai Chi Wisdom in life for 32 years


My Approach

Stillness in Movement - Balance in Action - Wisdom in Life.

Tai Chi Wisdom is based in Monmouthshire. There is a strong student base who meet beyond their particular classes in sessions where all are welcome. The supportive network enhances your learning experience and extends the development opportunities for each person. You will be met where you are and encouraged to move at your own pace. This is not a competitive but a creative learning environment.

Shibashi Booklet; A4, fully illustrated, one movement per page. £10 plus p&p.

Short Form DVD; £16 plus p&p. email to order:

Chi Kung DVD; £16 plus p&p. email to order:

Long Form DVD; £20 plus p&p. email to order:

Loong Chuan Sword Form DVD; £20 plus p&p. email to order:

I have a direct lineage to teach Tai Chi Chuan Yang family style and deliver a highly developed understanding of this ancient art. Tai Chi, often referred to as 'meditation in movement', allows us to be more aware and effective. Slow, balanced gestures reveal a space - physical, emotional and cerebral - where there is much opportunity for learning. That may sound rather hard to grasp but quite simply, there is great wisdom within us if we allow ourselves to see.

In the workplace, organizations can reap huge benefits from a workforce functioning more effectively. By maximizing potential and experiencing connectedness, individuals can discover a deeper awareness of their own value.

In general life such application can lead to much improved health and well being. At all stages in life there are huge opportunities available to those prepared to engage with this practice.

Welcome and I hope to meet you soon.