May 2021: The courses that went 'on hold' back in March 2020 will now resume in June 2021.  There are no classes open to new members at this time. 


                       No matter what your age or level of fitness this practice will help with your balance, stress levels and concentration. Other benefits are improved health, wellbeing and general life skills for everyday use. Gentle exercise for the body, quietness for the mind and nourishment for the spirit: suitable for any age group and ability. All you need is comfy clothing and soft soled shoes.

Any questions please call me on 01291 690310 or Email:



Wednesdays Commencing 11th of September 2019. Cost: £100 for each ten weeks. (Course duration is 40 weeks)

RAGLAN, The Nursery, Station Rd. Wednesday Evenings 6.30 to 8pm.

This is an ongoing group as it is apparent that course members wish to continue. However if there are any returners familiar with Short Form who wish to join us, please contact Annie. The focus will be on Chi Kung sequences and exploration of Tai Chi principles whilst developing clarity with Short Form. There is the opportunity to continue with Left Side of Short Form and playing Mirror Form. 



Abergavenny Corn Exchange within Borough Theatre.

Wednesday Mornings 10 to 11.30am. Now Commencing 2nd October 2019. Cost £100 for each ten week block (course duration 40 wks)

This is an ongoing group as all course members have expressed the wish to continue. However if any returners who are familiar with Short Form wish to join us, please contact Annie.  The focus will be on Chi Kung sequences and  exploration of Tai Chi principles within Short Form framework. Some Duo practice helps develop understanding.  



This ongoing group would welcome any returners who are familiar with Long Form and Sword Form. This year the focus will be on continuing exploring and deepening our Long Form, Sword Form and Duo practice. We will refer to Applications and Duo Forms to explore our understanding. 'Gathering The Threads' of our practice methods, broadens the opportunity to experience and develop a truer connection.

I will continue to be flexible in using the tools of our practice to bring benefits including plenty of enjoyment for our Tuesday evenings together.

The Nursery, Station Rd, Raglan:

Tuesdays from 10th September 2019. 40 weeks booking in 10 wk blocks.

6.30 to 8.30pm tea will be available throughout the evening: £135 for each 10 wk block.


SHIBASHI CLASS: Thursday Mornings, Raglan 10-11am

There is no immediate plan to run another block of Sessions at present.  However if you are interested, please do contact me and I will be sure to let you know if this changes.



Those who are unable to join a weekly class and for whom Individual Tuition is not possible: A Day Workshop gives you the chance to delve into the quiet of the practice, learn skills to assist your life and know there is the option of further day workshops to support your learning.  If a group of you want to book a Workshop, do get in touch and we can take it ahead.



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