After 38 years of dedicated teaching, I have integrated Tai Chi principles and their application in daily living, making them accessible to all, regardless of age or ability.

My approach is dedicated to creating an atmosphere where participants are enabled to discover the fullness of their potential. We know 'what to do' when we take time to listen instead of rushing noisily, creating disturbance. The depth of our inner stillness reveals wisdom and connection.

No matter what your interest in Tai Chi I aim to meet you where you are and ease you into extending your capability. This could be exploring physical balance, improving a health issue, addressing certain habitual behaviors that you wish to understand or discovering a more relaxed fuller picture of yourself. The possibilities are as many and varied as we are individuals.

Tai Chi practice invites balance and presence in each moment.  

Benefits include improved: Energy efficiency - Relaxation - Balance and coordination - Stress reduction - Dignified relaxed posture - Flexibility of mind and body - Clarity and focus - General health and well being.

I can offer Tai Chi Chuan (Traditional Tai Chi Form), Tai Chi 'exercise', Chi Kung, Applied Tai Chi Principles for health, efficiency and optimizing potential. My depth of expertise enables me to adapt and translate the benefits of this art to people in a wide range of environments. 

My flexibility is demonstrated by the broad spectrum of my successful work not only with the general public but with specific Organisations such as Nike HQ Executives, The Health Service group leaders , British Horse Society, Parkinson's UK, Educational establishments, Dance tutors, and more.

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